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In The Media!

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Mark Gonzales & Karen Salazar on Uprising Radio with Sonali Kolhatkar - August 15, 2008

Speaking about Jordan and Malcolm X prior to speaking at the 5th Annual Malcolm X Day at Virginia Park.

"We may not be at Jordan; we're still in Watts."


KPFK - Morning Review - with Gabriel Gutierrez - August 13, 2008

Jose Lara (Association of Raza Educators) and Elias Serna (Chicano Secret Service) talk about upcoming action in which Karen Salazar, Jordan students, Mark Gonzales, Jose Lara himself and others will be speaking out on August 15 at the 5th Annual Malcolm X Day in Virginia Park, Santa Monica (7PM) [NOTE: last 10 minute segment]


KPFK - Pocho Hour of Power - July 11, 2008

Karen Salazar talks of LAUSD's ever-changing reasons for her dismissal including Afrocentrism and budget cuts.  She describes the series of attacks by the Jordan Administration, including for being the teacher-sponsor of the Watts Student Union.


Democracy Now June 18 - 2008

LA School Teacher Fired For Being Too “Afrocentric”; Arizona Bill Proposes to Prohibit Teachings Critical of Western Civilization  We look at two cases of free speech in the classroon: Karen Salazar speaks out about her dismissal from the Los Angeles School District.


DemocracyNow! June 16 - 2008

Karen Salazar: “My students are out here, not because of me, you know, and I think that that point was made really clear, that it’s not about me. It’s about them recognizing that this school system for too long has been not only denying them human rights, basic human rights, but doing it on purpose, in order to keep them subservient, in order to subjugate them in society.”


Chicago Tribune - June 13 - 2008

repost of L.A. Times article in the Chicago Tribune


Vivir Latino - June 13 2008

I had to go outside my school system to learn about Puerto Rican history, activism and coalition building when I was about 17 years old. Now a Los Angeles English teacher is being told that her contract will not be renewed (aka "you're fired") not because she is a bad teacher but rather because she's attempting to make the lessons relevant to her students. 



Mark Gonzales explains that an administrator left him a note regarding his hip hop lesson on Emmett Till

(NOTE:  Two teachers were fired in 2007 over Emmett Till


LA Times Article - June 12, 2008

Karen Salazar was let go from Jordan High, criticized for being too 'Afro-centric.'


Baltimore Sun - June 12, 2008

"You embody what it means to be a warrior-scholar, a freedom-fighting intellectual," [Salazar] told students through a bullhorn in one video. "You are part of the long legacy, the strong history, of fighting back."


La Opinion - June 12 - 2008



Diario HOY - June 12 - 2008

Denuncian despido de maestra latina

Por Jorge Tiscareño Diario


Luis J. Rodriguez Blog - June 11, 2008

Author of "Always Running" writes about Watts Teacher being Fired


La Opinion - June 6 - 2008

Protesta de estudiantes en Jordan High.  Por Agustín Durán


Diario HOY - June 6 - 2008

Maestra denuncia despido 'injusto'
Por Jorge Tiscareño


LatinoLA - June 3, 2008

Not Welcome: Critical Thinking, Cultural Relevance


LA.Metblogs - June 3, 2008

South LA Teacher is "Too Afro-Centric"




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