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June 19 Action - 2008

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Call out to ALL SUPPORTERS of SOCIAL JUSTICE and Education!!

We are taking it to the District!!!!!!

Protest and Press Conference - SAVE SALAZAR!!!!
Defend Academic Freedom and keep Culturally Relevant education ALIVE in our schools.
Thursday June 19th 2008 - 3:30pm
LAUSD Local District 7 Office
10616 S. Western Ave. Los Angeles 90047
1.       This week Jordan High School Principal Steven Strachan denied the use of school property to host a community meeting regarding the current student, parent and community outrage for the firing of beloved teacher, Karen Salazar. Salazar, was accused of Brainwashing students with “Afro-Centrism” and criticized for using the Autobiography of Malcolm X in her classroom.
2.       Principal Strachan has now backtracked on previous statements of Afro-centrism and has accused Salazar of not teaching to State Standards. Salazar, who was previously given a positive teaching evaluation by her Assistant Principal, has had that evaluation rescinded by Principal Strachan and given a different and negative evaluation, in clear violation of LAUSD’s ethics policies. When Salazar asked for a copy of her original evaluation, she was told that it was lost and never done.  Strachan has been back stepping and trying to cover his own tracks.  
3.       Students, Teachers and Community Members of Jordan High School met at the Watts/Century Latino Organization building and reaffirmed their commitment to the cause. Students spoke of possible CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE with parent and community support. By the end of the meeting all agreed that the next action will be at Local District 7 at 3:30pm. Details are provided above. I hope you can join us!!!!


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